Circle Weaving




Introduction: Circle Weaving

This is a fun project to learn weaving, for kids and adults alike. In this instructable, you will first learn how to make a paper circle loom. Then you will learn to weave on it, creating your own beautiful handwoven object. If you have yarn and some basic supplies, you should be set to go!

Step 1: Gather Materials


Sturdy paper (e.g. cardstock, cardboard, or even a paper plate)









Sewing needle

Step 2: Make Circle Loom

  1. Use a compass to draw a circle on your paper. If you are using a paper plate, you can proceed to step 3.
  2. Cut out the circle
  3. Use a pencil to mark off every inch around the circle. There should be an odd number of markings. The odd number is essential for the alternating nature of weaving. If you have an even amount, try to either erase one mark or add another one. If necessary, adjust the spacing so that they are somewhat equal in spacing. These measurements do not have to be exact.
  4. Cut into each pencil marking to make notches around the circle. The notches will be holding the yarn in place.

After these steps, you will have a paper circle loom.

Step 3: Warp

Time to start weaving. We will start with the warp. The warp is the set of lines held in tension around the loom. Below are the steps to setting up the warp. Each number corresponds to a photo.

  1. (Back) Take your yarn and tape the beginning to the back of your loom. Insert the yarn into any notch on the edge of the loom.
  2. (Front) Wrap the yarn over the front of the loom to the notch on the opposite side. Insert the yarn into that notch.
  3. (Back) Continue wrapping the yarn across the back of the loom, inserting the yarn into the notch next to the one you used in step 1.
  4. (Front) Flip back to the front of the loom. Wrap the yarn across the front and insert it into the notch next to the one used in step 2. Whenever you go across the loom, you are crossing to the other half of the circle, making X's.
  5. (Front) Fifth photo shows progress after another warp wrap. :)
  6. (Front) Continue wrapping the yarn over the front and back of the loom, until you get to the last notch.
  7. (Front) After inserting the yarn into the last notch, bring the yarn over the front of the loom to the opposite notch. Although there are two pieces of yarn to that notch, it will later be treated as one.
  8. (Back) Cut the yarn and tape the end to the back of the loom.

Step 4: Weft

After you have established the warp, it's time to work on the weft. This is the part that goes over and under the warp lines.

  1. Thread your yarn.
  2. Cut off an amount of yarn to use.
  3. Tie a double knot to one of the lines created in the warp section. I chose to tie a knot around the notch with two pieces of yarn so that it would immediately look like one line. Tie the knot close to the center of the loom.
  4. Take your yarn and go over and under each line of warp.
  5. After weaving one circle, it may not look like much, but keep going!
  6. After a few circles, you will notice that the pattern of over and under alternates with each circle repeat.
  7. After a few rows, you will begin to see the nice effect of weaving.

Step 5: Add More Yarn or Change Colors

When you run out of yarn, you can add more of the same color or change to a different one.

  1. Tie the end of the old yarn to the beginning of the new yarn with a double knot.
  2. Cut off the amount of new yarn you need and thread the end of it onto a needle.
  3. When you bump into yarn tails from the double knot you made previously, you can push the ends to the back of the work with the needle. Whenever you get to the tails, just work over it so that it stays hidden in the back.
  4. Continue adding more yarn as you wish. When you're done weaving, you can either keep your work of art attached to the paper or you can remove it. If you choose to keep it on the loom, tie the end of the yarn to a warp line and tuck the tail behind the weaving to hide it. If you want to remove the work from the loop, continue reading the next step.

Step 6: Remove Weaving From the Loom

Cut the lines of yarn at the back of the loom. Cut close to the back center if you want to get long lengths for tying knots.

  1. Take two adjacent pieces of yarn that you have cut and double knot them together.
  2. Continue knotting two adjacent pieces of yarn until you have knotted all loose ends. Remember to double knot so they don't come undone later. If you trim the knotted ends, it could be a beautiful coaster or a dollhouse rug. You can also decorate the knotted ends.

Step 7: Decorate

Decorate with beads or any other embellishments you'd like. Attach a string to the top to hang if you wish. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this instructable!

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    6 years ago

    Would make a cool wall decoration, might try this! ~Momoluv


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    Very well done!


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    This is really inventive! great job:)


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    Very nicely done! These are excellent instructions on circle weaving.