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Yess… One more classic gadget added to my classic collections - ‘National Tape Recorder’. Accidentally I got this from shop near my house, shop man having habit of listening radio and having 4-5 other radios in his store room but all were not working. I bought this for 50 rupees, it was full of dirt-covered and i was not sure whether can be restored its functions or not. But one thing I really appreciated the make National because except speaker and AC power socket, rest everything was working properly.

Now I wanted to restore it and use it every day to listen music. Initially I replaced speaker and power socket. And to access digital audio files I added USB access module to the tape recorder. I have attached pdf file for the wiring and circuit diagram.

Used Items:

1. USB MP3 player main board
2. USB socket
3. Tactile switches - 4
4. Audio socket)
5. Slide switch
6. Copper bread board
7. Wires
8. Chrome vinyl film
9. Fast gum
10. Piece of foam board
11. Dirt cleaning solution
12. 4" Loud speaker
13. AC power plug socket

Electronic Components

1. IC - 7805
2. Capacitor - 220mf/50v - Electrolyte
3. .Capacitor -01mf - Ceramic


1. Soldering gun
2. Lead
3. Driller
4. Craft knife
5. Steel ruler

Check it out.

Step 1: National Tape Recorder

This was the condition when i bought it from shop man.

Step 2: VIRE Usb Mp3 Player Module

VIRE usb mp3 player board cost Rs140/-

Step 3: MP3 Player Board/display Mount

After making mark for the display size started with holes, and shaped it according to display dimension using craft knife.

Step 4: Making Control Panel

Step 5: Cassette / USB Option Switch

Step 6: Circuit, USB/ AUX Provision and IR Sensor

Step 7: 5V Regulated Power Supply Circuit

Parts list

5V regulated power supply circuit for VIRE USB MP3 board

IC - 7805, Capacitor - 220mf/50v and .01mf

Step 8: Wiring

Even to play from the usb, play button in the cassette mechanism should kept pressed, just need to slide the USB/Cassette button to USB mode.

Step 9: Chrome Vinyl Sticking

Sticking chrome vinyl on the spoiled panel

Step 10: Finally My Music Box

Finally my Music Box and Circuit Schematic.

Step 11: Some More Pics


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    So awesome! I love the idea of updating old classics, if for no other reason than they look awesome. This one appears to be very functional thanks to your handiwork!


    7 years ago

    I like this a lot! I love taking something old and turning it into something great!