Classy Pumpkin

Introduction: Classy Pumpkin

This is a great project if you like building interesting things with your hands and have soldering equipment available to use. You do not have to have previous soldering experience, however a general knowledge of how to solder will be helpful. This is a very inexpensive project to make as the two items mainly used to build this pumpkin where regular metal hangers and a balloon!

Step 1: Supplies to Make the Pumpkin Wire Base:

3 metal hangers

Wire Cutters

Thin Nose Pliers

Soldering Iron

Soldering Wire

Iron Stand

Alligator Clip

Measuring Stick

Step 2: ​Supplies Needed to Create Walls of Pumpkin:

1 Balloon

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Stick

Step 3: Preparing to Cut Hangers

1. Grab one of your three hangers and your wire cutters.

Step 4: Cutting Your Hangers Part 1:

1. Take one of your hangers and place on a flat surface such as a table or bench.

2. With your wire cutters make two cuts on the hanger to take out the base of the hanger. (Make sure to cut above where the hanger starts to curve on the side. This will make your soldering process easier)

3. Repeat steps one and two on the your other two hangers.

Step 5: Cutting Your Hangers Part 2:

1. take one of your three cut out pieces of hanger and line it up with your ruler.

2. Measure and mark the half way point on each hanger with a marker.

3. Using your wire cutters cut each piece of metal evenly in half.

4. Set aside all 6 pieces of metal to an area you will not lose them.

Step 6: Cutting Your Hangers Part 3:

1. Cut out the straight shoulders of the hangers.

2. Measure and cut out 2 pieces of hanger 4 inches long.

3. Measure and cut out 1 piece of hanger 3 inches long.

4. Measure and cut out 3 pieces of hanger 1 1/2 inch long.

These metal pieces will be used for the circles at the base and top of your pumpkin as well as the supports for the stem.

Step 7: Making Circles:

1. Take your 2 pieces of metal that are 4 inches long and form them into a circle using your hands and pliers.

2. Repeat step 1 with your piece of metal that is 3 inches long.

4. Turn on your soldering iron to warm up.

3. Place one of the circles in your alligator clamp stand.

5. Hold your soldering iron in your dominant hand like you hold a pencil. In your other hand grab the spool of solder. (Be very careful of the soldering iron as it is hot!) Place your thread coming out of the spool by the connection of the circle and melt it into the crack using your soldering iron.

NOTE: Be careful of the fumes that come off of the burning medal. This is hazardous to breathe in!

6. Repeat step five with your other two circles.

Step 8: Forming Your Metal Sides:

1. Take out your original six pieces of metal cut out.

2. Using your pliers and hands take one and form it into the appearance of the curved side of a pumpkin. Aim to create a shape that is similar to a half circle.

3. After you have shaped your piece of metal to how you want the side of your pumpkin take your other 5 pieces and try to copy the shape of the first one as much as possible.

Step 9: Soldering the Sides of Your Pumpkin:

1. Grab one of your circles and one of your six pieces of shaped metal.

2. Place the circle and metal in your stand and maneuver until they resemble the picture above. Make sure the curved edge of the metal piece is underneath your circle.

3. Solder these two metal pieces together. See step 7 for instructions on how to solder.

4. Repeat steps 1-3 with your five other shaped pieces of metal. Try to space evenly around the circle for the best appearance.

Step 10: Joining the Pumpkin Sides Together:

1. Use your hands to shape your six pieces of metal closer together until they are in the rough size of your last 4 inch circle.

2. Clamp your 4 inch circle to touch one out of your six metal sides.

3. Solder the connection of the two metal pieces. See instruction number 7 on how to solder.

4. Using your hands shape your other metal pieces until they are touching the circle.

5. Repeat step 3 until each piece is connected to the circle.

Step 11: Making Your Stem:

1. Grab your remaining 3 pieces of cut out metal and select one.

2. If you want a curved stem like the one I made bend the piece of metal to your preferred angle.

3. Using your clamps place the bended piece of metal until it is vertical to top circle of your pumpkin as shown above.

4. Solder the connection between the two metals. See step 7 on how to solder.

Step 12: Halo :)

1. Before you add your remaining 2 sides to create your stem grab your last and smallest circle.

2. Using your clamps place the circle until the rim is touching the single metal piece creating your stem. This should look somewhat like a halo.

3. Solder the connection between the two metals together. See step 7 on how to solder.

Step 13: Finish Your Stem:

1. To shape your remaining two pieces of metal until they fit between the top circle on your stem and the circle joining together the sides of your pumpkin.

2. Clamp into place and solder together. See step 7on how to solder.

3. While it is not impossible to shape your metal after you have soldered them together I do not recommend it as it is quite possible your connections will break and you will have to re-solder them back together.

Step 14: Almost There!

1. Now that you have finished your metal frame get out your glue gun and turn it one to warm up.

2. Hot glue over every connection on the bottom and top circles of your pumpkin. This is make sure your pumpkin does not pop when you blow it up!

Step 15: Finish and Enjoy!

1. Stick your balloon into your frame and blow it up until the sides of the balloon are bigger than your wire frame.

2. Tie your balloon at the bottom and enjoy your homemade pumpkin!

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    4 years ago

    Very cool!

    Do you need flux when soldering the metal?

    Where do you find a stand like you use? Wow, I could find a lot of uses for that in making jewelry! What is the base made of? I had a Third Had with metal clips but ruined it when I got flux on the clamps.

    Your frame is a good base for designing other decorative projects!

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Cool. I think this is the first time that I have seen someone make a decent pumpkin design with a balloon.