Introduction: Clay Ariel Necklace

Step 1: Clay

Use polymer clay sculpey, fimo,etc

Step 2:

Make four balls of clay using colors in picture

Step 3:

Take the ball of green clay and rip a small chunk of (fin) and with the rest make the con space in pic

Step 4:

Curve the end

Step 5:

Step 6:

Add fin to tail and blend clay together

Step 7:

Make a cone shape with about half of tan clay add shape to body then blend it together

Step 8:

Make along snake with green and rap it around the body then make and indent for the belly button

Step 9:

Make to small balls of purple and then flatten them a bit place them on the body then make lines in them like a seashell and then make a snake and wrap that around

Step 10:

Then make a snake with the tan and breaks it into two for the arms place the arms on and then blend the shoulders on

Step 11:

Make a ball out of the tan for the head and then place it on and blend the neck

Step 12:

Make a snake with the red and make pieces to for the hair and place them on

Step 13:

And keep adding them

Step 14:

Also you can add detail to the tail

Step 15:

Poke an I pin trough and then bake

Step 16:

When done baking paint a face on and curl the I pin down

Step 17:

Then you are done

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