Introduction: Clay Pacman Stop Motion Animation

I chose to do a  pacman animation because I thought it would be cool  to make something different then what other people  have done .
I enjoy playing the game and I know a lot of other people enjoy playing it to so I thought  I would make a move on how its  made and how you play it .I had lots of fun making this I hope you guys enjoy  the movie. I also made a time lapse video to show the making of the movie.

Step 1: What Is a Time Lapse?

Most people have no idea what a time lapse is so I will be telling you what a time lapse is. A time lapse is when you have a camera behind you recording what you do . In order to make a time lapse you will need to have a system called stop motion pro on your computer and then you will have to look for a thing that says time lapse. Once you have found that then you can hook the camera up to where you will need it to get everything in the shot . You will then start to make your animation. While you are making whatever you need for your animation it will take a picture every five seconds of everything you do.

Step 2: Materials

The materials you will need  are:

1. A computer that has  adobe premiere on it so that you can add pictures and sound to it

2. You will also need clay to make the circles  and to make different shape

3. You will need bristol board . 

4. Cameras  

Step 3: The Making of the Time Lapse

This step will show you what a time lapse is all about and what it looks like when your done. You can then enjoy looking back and seeing all of the work you completed.

Step 4: The Final Movie

The final movie will show you what it looks like when  the whole animation is done
I hope you like it.