Clay Pizza Friendship Charms




Introduction: Clay Pizza Friendship Charms

These tiny pizza slice charms are so cute. They fit together perfectly to form a whole little pizza. They're easy to make. And they're perfect for friendship necklaces.


Multicolored oven-bake/polymer clay


Craft knife


Eye screws

Step 1: Crust

Mix clay colors to get the shade you want for the crust. Roll it into a ball and flatten. pinch the middle flat and push the sides upwards to form a sort of rim on the top of the crust. Use a toothbrush to texture the edges of the top and the entire bottom of the crust.

Step 2: Sauce

Mix your sauce color and roll it into a ball. Roughly flatten to an almost-circle that fits inside the rim of the crust. Make this as thin as you can without tearing it. It's ok if it's thinner in some places, it doesn't have to be perfect. Put the sauce on the crust.

Wash your hands after working with the red clay so it doesn't get onto your other colors.

Step 3: Cheese

Mix your cheese color and set aside a small piece to use later. Make the cheese the same way as the sauce, but a bit thicker. Make the cheese circle small enough that you can see some of the sauce. Place the cheese on the pizza and press it down to secure the cheese and sauce to the crust.

Step 4: Toppings!

You can add whatever toppings you want. The next 5 steps show how to make the things I put on my pizzas. Arrange the toppings how you want them, then press down carefully to secure them.

Step 5: Bell Peppers:

Make a light green and a dark green. Roll small pieces of each into thin snakes. make a small fold in the lighter green and attach it to the darker green (see pictures). Cut and shape.

Step 6: Olives:

Mix olive color. Roll a piece into a tiny ball and slightly flatten. Poke a hole in the center with a toothpick.

Step 7: Mushrooms:

Mix some light and dark mushroom colors. Split the light color and roll part of it into a cylinder. Squish the cylinder into a mushroom head shape. Make the dark color into a flat rectangle and wrap it around the mushroom-cylinder leaving a gap at the bottom (see pictures). roll more of the light color into a thinner cylinder about as long as the first one. Pinch it into a square shape and stick it to the bottom of the mushroom-cylinder (where the gap in the dark color is). Place in the freezer for about 20 minutes and then slice.

Step 8: Pepperoni:

Mix color. Roll into tiny balls. Flatten. Texture with a toothbrush.

Step 9: More Cheese:

Roll the little piece of remaining cheese into a thin snake. break into pieces to make additional cheese to put throughout the toppings.

Step 10: Finish

Cut pizza to desired number of pieces. Texture the inside of the crust. Attach eye screws. Use a toothpick to close up any additional space around the eye screw, then retexture the area. Bake according to clay directions.

Step 11: A Pizza Happy Face

Because why not?

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    2 years ago

    I love it so well made and I love the fact that you made it so more then 2 people could have a piece ( Of pizza ) :) It is very cute very good job !!


    2 years ago

    This is super cute! Great idea for friends! I love that this idea encorporates more than two friends! :D