Clay Donut

Introduction: Clay Donut

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Here's a fun way to play with clay. Get ready as I show you how to make this delicious clay donut (which unfortunately can't be eaten).

Step 1: Materials Required

1. Clay

2. Paintbrush

3. Paints

4. Foam tape

5. Scissors

Step 2: Shaping Up

Take some clay and make a ball out of it. Then flatten it a little bit. Then, using a sharp pointed object make a hole in the centre of the ball.

Step 3: Making It Look Proffesional

To make it look more like a donut:

1st Cut out a thin strand of foam tape and wrap it around the donut.

2nd Using a pastel shade such as brick brown shade the donut.

3rd After shading it take out the tape.

Step 4: Flavouring

Aafter the shading it's time to choose your favourite flavour. I chose dark brown to show brown sugar. You can use red to show raspberry or any other colour to highlight your flavour.

Step 5: Baking

Before going to the next step I heated my donut for about 1 minute. It was hard as stone.


This step is optional. As I like sprinkles on my donut I used some paint to show the sprinkles.

And now your own mini play donut is ready!

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    I will vote for this. ( But only because it is a doughnut ); If it was an apple {shudder} I would not vote. It is a vegan doughnut. One the best things in life. I am weird.