Cleaning Out Horseradish




Introduction: Cleaning Out Horseradish

A few years ago I put in horseradish plants and just let them grow, to take root until the plants were established.

I wanted to harvest them last Fall, but I forgot. So today I thought I would do some spring cleaning in my garden, starting with the Horseradish.

Step 1: Digging Out the Horseradish

First, find the Horseradish.

Using your hands clear away the dirt to expose the root/Horseradish. Dig the rest of the root out using a shovel.

*A few plants had turned into 6 large clumps. I had left a few smaller roots in the ground for the next harvest.

Step 2: Cutting Off the Tops

After washing the Horseradish plants, cut the tops of each root. About a half inch to an inch down.

Set them in a basket to take back to the garden.

*On YouTube people had grown horseradish in containers/ pots.

Step 3: Replanting the Tops

Dig up the dirt with the shovel and replanted the tops. Covering the roots up, but leaving the sprouts showing thru the dirt.

Since, my dogs think it's play time in the garden,.......I had to lay down bricks and placed a little fence around the Horseradish until they take root.

Look for my Next project..... canning horseradish ;)

Step 4: Horseradish

Horseradish in the Summer!

I was told by a friend who has grown horseradish his whole life that I can only harvest horseradish in months that have R in them. Not sure if anyone else knows that/heard that before. So I don't harvest during May - August

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    We have horseradish that just grows in our garden we have never done anything with it and it just grows.


    7 years ago

    I work on a farm that grows a few fields of horse radish. it's a lot of work but there is money to be made in it. anyways, nice instructable.


    Reply 7 years ago

    You're right! It was a lot more work than I had thought.