Easy Restore and Cleaning Steel With Magic Fiber Stick

Introduction: Easy Restore and Cleaning Steel With Magic Fiber Stick

Wanted to test these fiber stick I found online for cleaning advertised as "magic sticks" for a long time. So I used a huge pair of garden shears I found that could use some work to test.

Step 1: Found an Object to Clean

The "magic" stick is supposed to be stainless steel fiber tape wrapped into a bundle. They are for sale online for not very much, usually in a lot and about 1/2" dia and 1-1/2" long stick.

Step 2: Wet Sanding

It is pretty simple to use, just trim a bit of the wrapper off at the end. Then wet the trimmed end with some water and wet sand like sand paper in a circular motions.

Step 3: Done in No Time.

Pretty happy with the result. Making an old rusty steel look new and polished in no time. Process was quick and painless, the stick makes it much easier to hold than paper and it was gentle yet tough at the same time. Whole process took me about the same time as using a power sander but no investment on the tool and no need to switch grit too.

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