Clear Phone Case Insert

Introduction: Clear Phone Case Insert

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If you have a clear phone case this is a great way to personalize your case however you want and you'll be able to change the insert out to match your outfits or your mood.


  • Clear Phone Case for your specific phone (Mine is a Samsung Galaxy S9)
  • Scrapbook Paper/Cardstock/Printed Pictures
  • Scissors/X-Acto Knife
  • Cutting Mat
  • Pencil/Markers

Step 1: Trace Your Phone Case

First, you want to take the paper that you're using and flip it where the pattern or picture is on the bottom.

Then, place the phone case on top of the paper and trace around the outside and where the camera and other holes are.

Step 2: Cut Out Design

Using your scissors or X-Acto Knife cut out the traced design and also cut the holes where the camera and sensors are.

Step 3: Place Insert Into Case

Now that you have your design cut out.

Place the design in your phone case where the picture/design shows through the clear part and place your phone in the case.

Step 4: Decorations

I've also made some where I cut out designs with my Cricut machine onto vinyl and placed the vinyl on the phone insert cut out.


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