Clear Glow Board

Introduction: Clear Glow Board

So this is my first time that have put anything up on here! I hope that I make may directions understandable :) This was inspired by a glow in the dark board that I saw on this site :) It is good for notes playing around or whatever you want :) Its a lot of fun :) 

so here is what your going to need

1 piece of plexiglass (any size you want) 
2 Led lights at 3.2v
1 switch
1 9v battery
1 9v battery connector 
wire that is the length of the perimeter of the plexiglass 
Duck tape
Baking Soda (thats right baking soda) 

you will also need access to a dremal and sodering iron 

Step 1: Step 1: Design

So the design was made for my right handed friend so if you are a lefty like myself just flip the design. The 2 lines are for were the lights will go and the square is were im putting the button 

Step 2: Step 2: Cutting

Use a dremal  or a bandsaw and to cut out the makes. I had the switch and led's close by so that I could check to make sure everything fit into the grooves nicely.

remember the the led's are going in lights first and the positive negative wires will be best to fit to the board  

Step 3: Step 3: Fitting

This is were you get your wire and cut it to so that everything connects and fits into its proper place. the wire will be on the edge of the plexiglass so make sure that its a proper length.

Step 4: Step 4: Wiring

Sorry about the jumble but this is were you connect everything and make sure that is works, Starting at the positive end of the 9v battery it goes like this. 
9v positive hooks into 
9v battery connecter (red wire) connects to 
One end of switch connecting to
other end of switch connecting to
needed length of wire hooking into 
positive end of a LED light 
negative end of Led light 
needed length of wire hooking into
positive end of a LED light
negative end of Led light Hooking into 
needed length of wire hooking into
negative end of 9v battery wire (black) 

Make sure you test it, then soder everything together and test it again :) 

Step 5: Step 5: Fitting

Now it is time to put everything into place and make sure the the light goes through the plexiglass right

Step 6: Step 6: Gluing

Finally why you needed the Baking Soda :) 
We need to keep these lights in place and the quickest method to do this is to 
First make sure that it is in position
Second apply super glue everywhere the Led and plexiglass touch 
Third sprinkle baking soda on the spots were you have glued ( it will instantly harden so dont put your fingers near it) 
Fourth clean off any excess baking soda and and more glue and baking soda if needed

Repeat this on the switch as well

Please note that if this is a first time for you using baking soda an super glue that you WILL loose some skin but dont worry it will be more of a nuisance than anything and will come off just like a scab in about an hour 

Step 7: Step 7: Ducktape

Almost there! Now all you need to do is take your ducktape and split it in half and cover up the wires. If you have made the wires pretty close to the length of the board this will be very simple but if you have an extra amount of wire your going to have to be a little creative with getting it all in the edge! Finally Ducktape your battery to the back or the board and your done :) construction time will be any were from half an hour to an hour :) 

Step 8: Final Thoughts

There are a tone of fun modifications that you can do with this! for instance if you want the light to be dimmer you can use only one LED and just connect it to a 3v Lithiom Battery. Also if you want it to only shine one way put something like tinfoil or thin cardboard on the back. 
One modification that I made to this afterward was I put a strip of velcro in the back so that it can hold the battery and a maker. This was done for more of a convenience and it made it easier to change out batteries and keep markers on hand :) 
Now make something awesome :) 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    I had no idea baking soad would instantly harden super glue! What a cool new factoid!