Introduction: Cling Film + Clothes Hanger Greenhouse

This is how I created a Clothes hanger & Cling Film Green house

- Clothes hangers
- Cling Film
- Clear Sticky Tape
- Duck Tape

I made this a few years back so I don't have a picture of all the steps, But I'm including a picture made in Sketch Up with Clothes Hanger frames.

Step 1: Model for Clothes Hangers

I used Duck tape to keep frame together.

Step 2: Wrap Cling Film

You might need help for this step as the frame at this point might be a bit wobbly. But you are trying to stretch and go around the frame.

A few months after making this one I really regret not using something similar to a Seed tray to Aerate the green house as moist cause an increase of green aphids.

Step 3: Clear Tape

Wrap Clear tape to the joints, Don't worry if you don't get it right 1st time just make sure you don't try to yank the tape.

Step 4: