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Introduction: Clock for My Sister

About: I am a Nurse with 4 children, I live with my partner and two of my kids. I use all my spare time doing crafts !!

I don't have step instructions, but it is pretty self explanatory :)

My mum died on July 17th this year, and I wanted to make a clock for my sister with mums photo on it. I cut the clock face out of plywood with my partners dads wood cutter, and drilled the hole in the centre for the workings.

Used mesh material to glued onto the face so when it was painted over it gave it that rough looking background.

I bought the clock workings from a place of Ebay, and painstakingly placed them through the hole. These can be a bugger to line up correctly so the time is right !. You need to place both the hands on separate grooves.

I bought the embellishments from Ebay as well and just went for it !..

You need to carefully select where you are putting the embellishments so the hands don't get caught..

The stand I bought from a cheap shop, they are usually a couple of dollars for 4..

Step 1: Clock for My Sister :)

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    5 years ago

    Very sweet! And sorry for your loss. She will live on in your hearts!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thank you :) She sure will, she was a beautiful lady who went through so much pain for 40 years x0