Introduction: Cloth of Brightness

The story of the Design Thinking

In the class of Design for Change, we saw many videos about the process of design thinking and what makes a good design and what the big designers go through. We interviewed 5 teachers and they all said they want a light that is not too bright or not soft. So we thought why not use a large blue cloth that would cover the florescent classroom light that will decrease the light softness, teachers also told us that students complain that the lights are way too bright and are distracting. This may be a boring and cheap project, but if you really think about it why not spend a low amount of money and use it for good use and not invent something that is not useful. This was very important questions we asked the teachers to get an idea of what to do. The sketches were really difficult to think of we first wanted to do the one in the top left with the colors but it was very expensive so we just got an idea of having a fabric that can pass through light for it to change color. When you are sketching remember that your looking for quantity NOT quality, quality is the last thing you want to think about when your sketching.


Pencil Markers, Paper, and your amazing mind thinking.

Step 1: Interviws

first, we interviewed 5 teachers from our school to see what type of indoor lighting they liked or would want to have. this helped us a lot to get our mind thinking of what we want to have. most of the teachers said they wanted to have softer lighting because there the light was very fluorescent. others said that they wanted their light a bit more bright because their light did not give enough lighting. Me and my partner thought that Mr. Austin was very useful and he helped us get an idea of what we could do.

Step 2: Sketching

then with the interviews, we sketched many ideas of lights and since everyone complained it was very bright we came with the idea of what to do

Step 3: Getting Materials

then we bought our materials and cut it and took mesure ments

Step 4: Finished

then we hot glued it and finished our project it is really easy and it helps a lot to change the brightness of the light