Introduction: Clutch : Evening Bag

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'Clutch' is a party bag that has no handle and no zipper/button to close it.

Step 1: The Story

'Clutch' is a party bag that has no handle and no zipper/button to close it.

I designed this in November 2010.

The first batches are made of floor foam underlay (alu-foam), that is stapled together.

However by following these steps, you can make this in any (stifness) material and also use sewing/stitching instead of stapling.

'Clutch' is made of 1 rectangular sheet, the round edges and spiral around are not stapled afterwards, but where folded and stapled into the clutch.

Also due to the stifness of the material, no zipper is needed, to close this handbag you only need to twist it gentle. the function of the opening flanges are to prevent objects fall out easily when 'un-twisted'

Show off this party bag at your Hollywood award ceremonies, Cannes presence or just on New Year's Eve.

specifications : weight : 5 gram

W×H×D : 270 × 85 × 60 mm / 10.63 x 3.34 x 2.36 in

materials : alu-foam 3 mm / 0.16 in -- 26/6 staples

Step 2: Template

Select your type of material, make a cardboard template with dimensions of 240 x 305 mm

(or proportionally define your own), cut out your rectangular sheet.

Fold your rectangular sheet at the outside of the material diagonal.

Staple it over the full diagonal length.

Step 3: Folding & Stapling

Turn it at the inside of the material, flap and staple both longest (in picture horizontal) lenghts.

Start at the right, start with 2 staples to have a strong connection, then continue stapling (1 row) towards the left, but not the fully length (see last image, no stapling there).

Turn it 180°, and do the same.

Step 4: More Folding

Folded it like shown, and use the dimensions on the cardboard.

Staple it from dimensions 0 until 80 vertically.

Turn it 180°, and do the same.

Step 5: Continue Folding

Fold and bend approx 45° the rest part/lip (from dimensions 80 - 120) towards the longest length part (stapled in step 2).

Make sure, before stapling it is connect well as shown in the images.

Make an extra, double staple at the end.

Turn it 180°, and do the same.

Step 6: Final

You are done, now turn gently the inside to the outside.