Introduction: Co2 Rocket Gecko War Kite

A real co2 rocket built to destroy and take down other kites. Built for endurance, tuff and harsh wind,war, and armor and much more.

Step 1: Materials

1 Kite 1 A Boy Scout pine wood derby car 5 one inch nails 1 small firecrackers 1 m-150 firecrackers 1 crackling ground bloom flower firecrackers 1 3in fast food straw 1 20in bamboo stick 1 mini arrow 1 camp fire stick ( small one ) 1 long strip of cardboard 1 hammer 1 saw 1 hot glue gun 1 pack of 50 Popsicles 1 one roll of duck tape 1 8oz airsoft co2 tank

Step 2: Put the Kite Together

Put the kit together cut off the tail.

Step 3: Cut Wood for Landing Gear

Cut the pinewood derby block to 1/2 in high and on the other side 1/4 in. These parts are optional steps 3-5.

Step 4: Put Wheels on the Wood

About 6 in away from the long side

Step 5: Center the Wheels

Center you car in the center of your kit and duct tape it on and nail to on the back. Then take tape off

Step 6: Weapons

On tape on your war weapons

Step 7: Armor

Hot glue Popsicle sticks and duck tape all over the kite to make it stronger and super cool.

Step 8: Co2 Rocket / Bombs

Duck tape the co2 to the back Cut a 2 1/2in straw then put a small fire work in it and glue it in. Put a nail in the other side and connect it to the nozzle of the co2 tank and tape.

Step 9: The Ramp

So it can launch off duck tape the airsoft bipod to the piece of cardboard .

Step 10: Done

You can spray paint to make it look cooler.

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