Introduction: Coaster Made of Corkground

In the following steps i will show you how easy it is to make a coaster from not more needed material like the corkground i never need it because i have finished refurbish my room.

Step 1: What Do We Need?

As you see we need the following thing:
1. A corkground which was left from the last refurbish
2. A padsaw to cut the circle out
3. A pencil to draw a circle or a easy shape on the cork
4. A bottle to draw the circle
5. Sandpaper for the finish

But before you start you have check your workplace:
- Can you work safe?
- Do you have the skill to handle the machine?
- Is your workplace bright enough?

When do you have answered everythink with YES we can start.....

Step 2: Draw Your Circle and Cut It Out

Hold your bottle on the cork and with your other hand draw with the pencil along the Bottle.

When you are finish it is time to you the padsaw:
- Cut your draw out of the corkground
- Take your time to finish it
- It does not matter if you failed the line a little bit

If you cut it out it is time for the finishing....

Step 3: Use Sandpaper Or....

To make the edges round you can use a sandpaper or if you have the technic
a grinding machine.

Step 4: Enjoy

If you have cleaned your workplace it is time to go in your kitchen, get a glas of whatever you like and put it on your selfmade coaster.

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