Introduction: Coat Stands & Hooks, DIY Wardrobes

About: We are an Italy-based company, who produces angular connectors, made by high-quality materials. Playwood is an innovative assembly system: As a constructions toy, you can easily create your own furntiure. The …

Don’t you know where to put coats and scarfs during the winter? Are you annoyed by clothes left on a sofa or a chair? Would you like to have a simple but nice wardrobe, without giving up on a stylish solution? Me too.

Step 1: Why PlayWood?

I asked myself all those questions and tried to come up with a project that could cope with my inner aesthetic sense and a practical, cost-effective solution.

To realize this project I decided to use, once again, the PlayWood assembly system, because it allows me to create a design piece of furniture with all the comfort of a modular project that can be re-assembled in case of different needs.

Step 2: What Do I Need?

I used few, top-quality materials: I was looking for a bright wood and because of that I choose to use fir layers boards and stand; each boards has a thickness between 16 and 19 cm (¾” and ⅞”).

Listed below you can find all the materials you may need:

  • 8 PlayWood Connectors 90°
  • 2 fir layers boards 40 x 30 cm - 15,75” x 11,81”
  • 2 fir layers boards 100 x 40 cm - 39,37” x 15,75”
  • 2 fir layers stands Ø 2,8 cm L 150 cm ( Ø 1,10” H 59,05”)

Step 3: How Do I Build It?

Firstly, I created the basement: I joint each wooden panels with the other through PlayWood Connectors 90°; doing so, I realized a rectangular shape that can be also used as storage or shelf.

Secondly, I drilled the top of this rectangular shape, in order to create a proper space, where I put the wooden stands.

I decided to decorate this project adding a couple of pillows, in case someone has to sit down and put his shoes on or something like that… You cannot ever know when it’s nap time!

Step 4: What Are You Waiting For?

I consider myself really satisfied with this project: I think this wardrobe is aesthetically pleasant, easy peasy to make and, above all, SUPER CHEAP!

Step 5: Tutorial