Introduction: Coca Cola Tea Light Holder

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For this instructable I wanted to create a candle honlder but make it different to other candle holders. So I decided to use a coke can!

What you will need:

- Coke can
- Thumbtack
- Candle
- Knife
- Plyers

Make sure to take extra care when doing this project as there is a risk of cuts due to the sharp metal.

Step 1: The Easy Part!!!

For this part use the thumbtack to create holes in the white writing on the can. So when you have the candle lit in it, you will see the words on the can! Take your time and care with this as the thumbtack is sharp.

Step 2: Cut the Hole!!!

For this part of the project carefully cut out the back of the can so it will be big enough to get the candle in also so you can light it when it is in the can. I used players to bend the back open so I cut carefully cut it with the knife.

Step 3: Final!!

Once you have completed the other steps feel free to light your candle and place it inside the can through the back hole you have created. When the candle is lit inside the can it will allow you to see if you need to add anymore holes on the front of the can.

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