Introduction: Coffee Bean Ladder Golf

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Recently, the weather here in Saskatchewan has been below -40 degrees Celsius with windchill — which is definitively not ladder golf weather.

Time for indoor family game nights!


(24) Coffee Beans
Fishing Line, Braided
(3) Bamboo Skewers
Scrap Wood
Gorilla Glue &/or Wood Glue
11/64” Wood Bit
Measuring Tape
Olfa Knife
Table Saw

Step 1: Incorporate the Coffee Beans!

Sort coffee beans to find ones that are big, uniform, & as even as possible. Set aside in pairs that match.

Braided fishing line was chosen because of its minimal twist memory & it’s ability to hold knots well. I had 20 lb test available but a lighter test would work even better. Make a string (for the bola) approximately 3-1/2” long, with a thick cinch knot on each end.

Glue each string end cinch knot between a pair of coffee beans (flat sides) & clamp together very lightly. Only use enough force to hold beans together as too much will break the beans & you will have to start over. I used Gorilla glue as I knew it would hold but in hindsight the foaming action kind of ruined the look! Regardless, it worked but had time permitted, I would have tried some other glues to improve bola appearance.

Repeat five more times until you have six coffee bean bolas.

Step 2: Cut Wood for Ladders

From the wood scrap:
Cut (4) support bases approximately 1” x 1/4” x 4-3/8”.
Cut (4) vertical legs approximately 1/4” x 1/4” x 4-5/8”.

From the bamboo skewers:
Cut (6) horizontal arms approximately 4” long.

Clamp four legs together & dill 11/64” (diameter of bamboo skewers) holes approximately 1-1/2”, 3”, & 4-1/2” from the bottom.

Step 3: Assemble Ladder

Place a drop of glue into holes of each leg.

Insert arms into leg holes, making two ladders.

Secure ladders to each pair of support bases, using wood glue.

Clamp ladders to bases.

Let glue cure.

Step 4: Paint (or Stain)

I hired a “painter’s apprentice” in order to keep costs down (costing being she gets to play first game).

Let paint dry before adding a sealant coat (I chose not to), then... game on!

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