Introduction: Coffee Table From Recycled Wood

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credit to @FPSXGames for the idea.
this is only my 2nd instructible

Step 1: Preparing the Frame

i was walking around my local recycling centre, looking to copy an instructible put up by @fpsxgames. I helped myself to a few pallet strips that had been pulled apart. the wood was quite uneven and rough, needing a thorough sanding to get it to an acceptable level. I used a nail gun to put together a frame and sanded everything again.

Step 2: Legs and Support

I chanced upon some discarded 2/4s that I could use for the legs. measure and cut using a circular saw, use a planer to get everything level. ensure that the lengths are uniform for stability later. it's a good idea to test the legs standing up independently, to check their bases are aligned as well.

these are mostly smooth, but it's still a good idea to sand everything once. use a nail gun to attach them to the frame. add a strip in the middle for support.

Step 3: The Top Boards

I should have taken more photos of this step.

I found a few more discarded boards at the recycling centre, some didn't exactly match but that didn't bother me. though I was careful to pick out boards that were of similar height (when laid out). I cut the boards (length and breadth, measure twice and cut once - I made quite a few errors here and had to redo stuff) using a circular saw and used a planer for levelling.

use an electric drill to join the top boards to the frame. use an orbital sander to get the finish you're looking for. honestly, this should be the part of the project that takes most of your time. it can get boring but the finished look depends on the time you put in here.

Step 4: Staining

choose the appropriate stainer for the look you're trying to achieve. apply at least three coats.

Step 5: And It's Done