Introduction: Cool and Easy Storage / Toy From Cardboard.

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I made this cool android pencil/pen storage/holder, right in time for when school stars!

It is super easy to make and you can use as a toy as well as a storage!

Here is quick video :

For this project you will need :

Cardboard, super glue, hot glue gun, 2 push pins, 1/8 ' dowel, and some paint.

Step 1:

10' x 9 1/5 cardboard, pill one paper side off of it and roll it into a tube, ridges facing out, glue it together.

Cut two 2 5/8 diameter pieces of cardboard, glue one of them to the bottom of a tube you just made.

Then take a 9 1/5 x 3/5 piece of cardboard, pill one paper side of of it and roll it into a circle.

Then put second round piece you just cut inside of it right in the middle and glue it with little bit of hot glue!

Step 2:

Now lets make arms and legs.

legs are 2 5/8 in length and ams 3 7/8 in length. Pill one paper side of and roll them tight then glue with super glue.

you will need to poke a hole on one side of arms and on two oppositesides of the body, then take small pieces of 1/8 dowel (you can use toothpick instead) and attach arms to the body, put a little bit of hot glue on the inside of the stick/dowel so it wont come out.

Glue legs to the bottom of the body using hot glue.

Step 3:

Now lets finish the head:

Cut small pieces of card board about 1/4 of inch in width, pill one paper side off and roll it tight and fit it inside the circle piece you made earlier, then starting from the middle pull it partially until it creates uniform rounded shape, glue it with supper glue.

On the other side of the head piece insert and glue round piece of cardboard 1/2 in width.

Now take 2 push pins ( you can color them black with a marker if you don't have black pins), and insert them in front top of the head, these are going to be eyes.

Cut 2 1/8 dowel 1' in length, color them black and insert them on top of the head, these are going to be antennas.

Step 4:

Now paint it, let it dry and enjoy your creation!

Use it as a toy or pencil storage.