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Introduction: Collapsible Dog House

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Where I'm from there's snow on the grown for the majority of the year, instead of leaving a dog house to sit out there covered in 3 ft of snow i came up with a space saving solution.

I'm a student so to make this you wont need anything too expensive or extraordinary. I think this whole thing cost me about 50$ and took a weekend to make.


  1. 4 pieces of 2x2 wood
  2. 1 piece of 2x3 ( the large piece in the photo has not yet been cut to size)
  3. Rivets ( as seen in the photo)
  4. Washers
  5. 72 In hinge ( it can be how ever wide you would like)
  6. Paint


  1. Rivet gun
  2. Saw (for wood and metal)
  3. Dril

Step 1: The Walls

Take 3 of the 2x2 pieces of wood, on two of them mark 4in down. Then using a ruler draw a line from the mark to the opposite top corner. Use these lines as a guide and cut the wood.

On the third piece mark 4in down on both sides, connect the marks with a ruler then proceed to cut.

you should be left with the 3 pieces being cut like they are above.

Step 2: Hing Sizes

This step is fairly simple, measure the hinges so that run the length of following walls shown in the picture, and cut them using the metal saw.

If you want the dimensions they are:

  • 1 x 2ft
  • 2 x 8in
  • the remainder will be used later on

Step 3: Windows and Doors

Now you're going to need to add a door. The windows are optional but i figured they'ed be a nice option.

You can put windows on any of the walls and in what ever shape you like.

The door on the other hand should be on one of the pieces of wood with the slanted cut we made in the previous step.

(don't mind that my door looks weird I had some trouble with the saw)

Step 4: Paint

Let your creativity go, make it look how ever you'd like. I went for a barn like style.

Step 5: Attaching Hinges

So this part is a little tricky so pay close attention. We start with the two outer pieces.

The hing I used are only able to fold flat on one side, so we need to ensure that we make the two outer pieces attach in a manner that will allow them to fold flat.

Attach by drilling a small hole about the same size as the hole in the joint, put the rivet through with a washer on the other side and seal.

when folded flat it should look like it does in the final picture.

Step 6: Combining the Two Halfs

Using that last larger 8in joint attach the two pieces together.

When attaching these pieces ensure that they fold in the opposite direction of the outside joints.

like shown in the first photo.

Step 7: Roof

Were just about finished up all that's left is the roof.

Cut the last of the joint in two, use that to attach the roof (the 2 x 2.5 piece of wood)

make sure you attach the wood to one of the outside pieces and attach it so that when its all folded up the roof folds flat on the out side.

Step 8: Set Up

You done!

Fold it up or take it out side for you dog to use right away. The grass should be more than strong enough to hold all the pieces in the position you would like! If you want more security you could attach latches!

This is my first instructable so please leave feedback!

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