Introduction: Collection of Completed Projects

About: long time collector and tinkerer with industrial castoffs....presently un-empoyed and looking to turn my passions into a career.

this is primarily a link to my You Tube page for the "make it glow contest"...

there are 6 video's at...........

12/19/2015: I added a recent project (sculpted head with built in green eye's)... experimenting with Sculpey modeling compound...found out that LED's and their wiring can survive the rigors of oven firing to set the clay (only 275 degree's for 15 minutes)

Step 1: Assembly

1) Bobzilla

needless to say this was inspired by the Godzilla movie and primarily the glowing spinal column. I used a 4017 decade counter along with a 555 timer to cycle the LED's, the armature didn't have sufficient internal space so I put the circuitry in a small plastic container and ran the signal wires to them via the tail and legs.

2) Minesweeper 2

this was a follow up project using the same 4017 / 555 combination except that I made a larger chest cavity to fit the circuit board, 4 of the signal lines go down to another 555 timer wired to work as a tone generator, the pulses pass through 3 "early SMD" LED's then into the chips VCC pin. The audio output from the chip go's to a salvaged "piezo" speaker disguised as the sensor coil....

Step 2: Details

I am new to the Instructables site, and I'm slowly uploading my projects from literally decades of creating for no reason except for the love of creating.

I have a passion for collecting industrial castoffs that I see artistic value in. I found it amazing the electronic components, mechanical assembly's, and packaging that assembly lines and R&D labs threw away every day just because it's wasn't worth the time needed to savage them.

I presently have a room full of bins / boxes / barrels of what I call "project mulch" just waiting on an Idea (or an audience).......please visit my You Tube site...

.............and vote for my creations on the "make it glow" contest...........
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