Color Changing/Sound Activated LED Jacket

Introduction: Color Changing/Sound Activated LED Jacket

Using a Circuit Playground Express and some LEDs you can upcycle a jacket from the back of your closet to the front of stage!

By the end of this instructable you will have created a stylish LED jacket featuring:

- 7 Color modes

- 4 Pattern modes

- Sound Activation


1x Circuit Playground Express

1x USB Powerpack/ Battery Pack

Addressable LEDs – These prewired ones made it a lot easier!


Needle and Thread

Old Jacket

Step 1: Diagram & Prepare Wiring

Measure wire lengths from Led sleeves to power source. For ease, I ran full length from both arms to a front pocket that will be used to house the Circuit Playground Express(CPX) and battery module.

Both strips will connect to the same data/power/ground so feel free to splice the respective wires together anywhere along the path. I just waited until the end.

(Optional) – Add connectors to ends of wiring/led strips if you want to make it modular.

Step 2: Prepare Jacket – Cut Tiny Slits in Line With Where the Leds Will Be.

Since the the leds are pre-wired, I laid them out on top of the sleeves and cut them as I went. Weaving them= strip through the holes I learned the smaller you can make the slits the better the leds will hold in place before sewing.

Step 3: Sewing Leds in Place

Hand sew each led so it doesn’t twist or pull though the slits as you wear and stretch the jacket. In the future I will probably sew in more of the wiring as

Step 4: Circuit Playground Express - Wiring and Programming

Wiring the CPX is simple...


-Data wires from both arm strips connect to A1

-Ground wires to ground

-Power wires to Vout

Programming was not as simple but not too hard with the drag and drop coding UI!

- A and B buttons scroll through color/pattern options

- A+B changes color/pattern mode

- Switch toggles sound activation

Makecode below: Project on Makecode!

*Sound activation sensitivity can be changed in the Sound Activation forever rule.

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    Elaina M
    Elaina M

    2 years ago

    Super fun ! We've been taking a lot of night walks lately and this would be great to have!