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Introduction: Color Projector

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This is how you make a colored lamp from household materials


Two AAbateries
Small Light
Aluminum foil
Colored transparent plastic
Electrical tape

Step 1: The Source

First you will want to use the electrical tape to tape the positive and negative ends of two AA batteries together

Step 2: Light It Up

What you need to do is take your small light and attach 2 wires on the positive and negative ends

Step 3: Button

To create the button you will first grab a piece of cardboard twice the length of the desired length of the button, fold the cardboard in half and tape aluminum foil to the 2 sides that touch, make sure that the aluminium foil touch each other when you push down on the top part of cardboard.

Step 4: Circuit

Connect the negative wire to the bottom aluminum foil and a third wire to the top piece of aluminum foil

Step 5: More Circuits

Tape the third wire to the negative end of the battery and the positive wire (white) to the positive end of the battery

Step 6: Color

Tape transparent colored plastic over the light and it will shine that color so you can make a colored lamp

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