Introduction: Colorful Fans From the Orient

All We have to do is
move our Fans to two sides and relax the Air.

People love fans; fancy, lovely, cute, simple, aristocratic, Asian, modern - any fan would cheer up a person.

However, with a little style and penmanship on your fan & with a good luck knot swaying from your Fan you'd want to feel the world anew.

''From Painting To Craftsmanship To Calligraphy a colorful collection of Fans will bring you Luck and relaxation''

Let's bring that relaxation and breeze to your house - It's really Hot outside.


You will need;

a plank of wood; bigger the better; more pieces would be ready!

any wood-cutting devise; a saw( I recommend Laser-Cutter)

a brush & color-paints; yellow, red, white, blue etc

a red thick string for the good-luck knot

a rod-like wooden stick

two pieces of wooden bolts with the same thickness of your wooden plank; diameter must be a little lesser than the stick's.

an inc & a thin brush for the calligraphy

Here is the knotting video!

Step 1: Let's Crop the Wood

  1. With your Laser Cutter/ Saw you cut your wood with this scale

Width;4 cm, Length; 16 cm

2. You put little holes at the top of your ready pieces of wood; diameter should be 0.60-1 cm long

3. Then you color the wood with any color you like

Remember to color it even and clear - all of the pieces!

Step 2: Let's Put Them Together

If you have your pieces done then you'll need

  1. a rod-like wooden stick that can fit into the holes of the wooden pieces. diameter must be lesser than the diameter of your pieces' holes.
  2. a red thick string( or any color) for the fortune knot.
  3. you will also need two holders; wooden bolts to hold the two ends as you can see in the picture given above.Remember! to make the bolts diameter a little bit oval. The bolt hole should be a little lesser than the rod-sticks's diameter so it holds and gets stuck to the stick
  4. put the readied knot in the middle
  5. shuffle in the pieces to the wooden stick
  6. screw the wooden bolts to the stick

Step 3: Let's Do Some Calligraphy

You can put any form of calligraphy on your fan as long as it looks fancy and detailed on any language. For example you can see I chose Chinese. Thus it looks like the fancy fans in cool Asian Movies.

examples of calligraphy;

  1. poems
  2. Gothic
  3. letters to loved one
  4. Medieval
  5. Modern; Star Wars script
  6. Chinese, Japanese, Mongolian, Korean....Latin
  7. Disney
  8. Abstract

You can draw and paint if you'd prefer; it's your only breezy.

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