Comfort Case

Introduction: Comfort Case

Dodo case is a cool way to see virtual reality but we made it more comfortable with the comfort kit. And we will tell you how to make it. First you have to build the dodo case.

Step 1: Start to Assembly

Read the instructions on the pamphlet that you will get when you get the dodo case. Read it step by step and build it.

Step 2: Play With the Dodo Case With Your Phone.

Put your phone in the case and go into another world.

Step 3: Get Foam

Get some foam to start to make the comfort case. It can be any type of foam you want.

Step 4: Start to Put Foam On

Glue the foam with a hot glue gun and pick where you think it will be the most comfortable. We glue ours around the forehead and nose as you can see.

Step 5: Add Strap

Add a strap so you don't have to hold the Dodo case and it will make hands free.

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