Introduction: Common Charging Port and Mobile Holder

About: I am a mechanical engineering student and i like to make creative technical stuff!
  • I made this common charging port for my house which carry 3 inbuilt chargers in it as you can see in the picture

with holders for placing the mobiles.

  • It also has a box for excessive wires
  • A box for chargers

I tried to cover all the things are as beautifully as i can in limited resources :)

Step 1: Lets Get Started

  • Things we will be needing:
  1. foam board
  2. glue gun
  3. plug pins
  4. couple of wire peices
  5. and chargers
  • Tools required:

  1. cutter
  2. scissor
  3. ruler
  4. angle scale

Step 2: Step 1:make Exension Box for Chargers

  • Take a foam sheet and cut it into a suitable peice of dimensions in my case its 21*7 cm.
  • cut 3 square hole into the cut sheet such that it can accomodate the pluging pins.
  • fit the plug pins into the holes.

  • wiring it up:
  1. wire the pins as shown in the figure in series.
  2. one terminal of each pin is connected to common terminal same for other terminal.
  • making a box:
  1. make wall around it and cover it

Step 3: Step 2: Making Mobile Holder.

  • Here i given it a shape of stair case.

  1. cut the pieces as shown in the 1st figure
  2. glue them accordingly as shown in the further pictures.

  • Finally join this holder to the extension box.

Step 4: Step 3: Covering the Stuff and Giving It a Final Shape

  • Make walls above the extension box high enough to accommodate the chargers inside it.
  • attach a flipping door to it.


  • Now,make a box beside mobile holder which serves 2 purpose
  1. Hide the excessive wiring of chargers.
  2. can be used for placing other stuff.
  • Although Its not clear from the above pictures how i given it the shape(as i dont have detailed pictures for it :( )
  • Cut 2 small holes inside the box one at the top left and other one at the bottom right beside the mobile holder through which we'll pass the wire.


Step 5: Step 4: Wiring the Chargers

  1. Make holes in the steps of mobile holder to fit the charging pins inside it.
  2. place the chargers in the extension box
  3. pass the wires through the hole we made at top left corner of box and glue the excessive wires inside it.
  4. pass the charging pins from bottom right hole to holes we made in mobile holder steps,fix it tight there via glue(as shown in the figure)

finally we've successfully made our project :)

Step 6: Some Photos to Admire My Small Work :)