Compact Cardboard Marble Run That Fits in a Tin Can

Introduction: Compact Cardboard Marble Run That Fits in a Tin Can

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This project is really easy, you just need some scrap materials that should be in your home, because this project is all about recycling and reusing. all of the things should fit into one normal sized Campbell's soup can, you can watch this Youtube video with the link here to see it working:

or scan the QR code in the picture above, as this is supposed to be printed out.


you will need:

-a big piece of cardboard, cut like a rectangle, I recommend about 28.5cm x 12cm, or about 11 inches x 4.5 inches.

-8 small pieces of cardboard each about 4cm x 5.5cm, which is about 1.5-6 inches x 2.1 inches. or 6 small pieces and another one piece which is 6-8 cm x 5.5 cm.

-Campbell's soup can or something the same size as it.

-knife, or scissors


-white/blue tack, any sticky tack

-marble, or anything round which has a 1-1.5 cm diameter.



Step 1: Cutting the Board

take your big piece of cardboard, it should be flat, without any lumpy or broken parts, and on the back, cut through the middle, but DO NOT cut fully through, as you will cut it in half, instead, cut softly through the paper fluting, and not through the thin paper in the front. take a look at the pictures on top. don't mind whats on the cardboard, I just found it randomly.

Step 2: Cutting the Board, Part Two

now cut the board the same way as just now, but cut it into equal thirds this time, each cut should be 9 cm apart.

again, look at the picture on top for reference.

Step 3: Folding the Small Parts

now, get the small pieces of cardboard, and fold them into equal sections, about 2-3 fluting parts each, on top is a photo if you are not sure.

Step 4: Adding a Piece of Paper on the Track Piece

now you just need some tape and a little strip of paper on top, this will ensure it to stay in that shape and not break.

Step 5: Sticking the Tracks Together

now, get a piece of blue tack, or white tack, or any other sticky tack, and put it on the board, then attach the small track piece onto the cardboard board. now do this in any pattern you want, a suggestion is in the picture above, but you can do whatever you want.

Step 6: Putting It Into the Tin Can

when you have finished playing, you can put your marble run into the tin can, first fold the big board horizontally in half, then fold it like a z vertically, put that into the middle of the can.

then fit all the small track pieces in, fold them into squares and slide them into different sections of the can, as shown above.

now, there is still a little space, just put in the marble and put in the tack, roll it into a long cylinder and put it back into the anti sticky thing you got when you first bought the tack.

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