Introduction: Completing Rings and Bracelet Using Earphone Wires

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Hi everyone. 4 or 5 weeks before I got some defected earphones I decided to make rings and bracelet using their wires. But I stopped after making one ring because it looks gross. Then I decided to do it again so now see what I get.


1.Old earphone
2.buttons rubber band wire tape

Step 1: Making Twisted Ring

Cut wire and twist it . Then cut the twisted wire according to your finger size. You can join it by burning the end or by using super glue and young children can join it using black tape.

Step 2: Black & White Bracelet

Cut two black and one white wire of your wrist size. Fix one end using tape. Then do simple three stand braiding. Use black rubber band to joins it's end. Now let's make some charm for bracelet for that you can use some buttons and color them black and white . After that join any one or all charms to the bracelet. Then you done

Step 3: Black Bracelet Using Flat Earphone Wire

Many earphone comes with flat wire and I used to have one too. (Not for very long time .it goes wrong just in two weeks) . So we can make a nice three stand braided bracelet using that. For that follow the following steps
1.cut two wire of size of your wrist and one larger than other two. three stand braiding the ends using glue , by burning them
Or you can secure it with black tape.
4.join the ends with rubber band.

Step 4: Now Time to Turn Bad Into Good

I made that first ring by doing four stand braiding and secured it with tape then stick black flower made from wire on it. But me and you all know it goes gross. So I took off the black flower thing from ring and stick a roll made from white wire with stone in middle.

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