Introduction: Completing the Cornices of My Home

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Hello everyone. first say that I speak little English, I am Spanish, but I will try to express myself as best as possible (thanks to the web translator, of course).

I made some reforms at home, now the kitchen is open concept. I had to throw some partitions, and I was left with some areas without cornices. Of course I didn't have a remnant to replace them.

I visited two shops with a sample of what I needed, but I wasn't lucky.

Step 1:

Finally, after some time of thinking about this matter, it occurred to me to use my 3d printer to make them.

The first thing was to take the measurements of the original cornice, design it with the help of a 3d program, and melt plastic as if there were no tomorrow.

Step 2:

My 3d printer has the usual printing volume of 20x20x20cm, so it touched to go joining piece by piece, I fixed them to the wall with a hot silicone gun.

Step 3:

To get a more uniform finish between piece and piece I used putty to fill cracks.

Step 4:

And the last thing was to paint them. You don't notice the difference with the originals.

I am very happy with the final result.

Regards :)