Introduction: Computer Head Costume (aka Late 90s Cyborg)

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Have you ever thought that you were not awesome enough? Inadequate, even? Well, you can change all that and more with an awesome Computer Head Costume!

It was put together in roughly an hour. Sadly, I do not have pictures of the construction process. But it should be easy enough to explain.It's probably worth noting that by opening up a monitor, you are risking electric shock, and a vacuum-induced explosion. I didn't run into any of these, but please, use caution.

First, unscrew the casing, the general rule is if there's a screw unscrew it, and keep the screws. You'll need them later. Keep using those golden rules until you have two halves of a monitor, which one should be the screen, and the other will be pretty much everything else, stored into the back. Then simply remove all the electronics, and keep it for another project, or maybe you could even use them as accents in this project. All you have left now is to screw the two halves together, and cut a hole in the bottom for your neck using a jigsaw.

Now put your awesome new helmet on, paired with a suit and tie. There you have it, you are ready to Explore the World Wide Web on your Personal Computer!

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