Introduction: Concept Art Inspiration With Alchemy

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You know what I love? Sitting for hours on end staring at a blank piece of paper for inspiration for my Digital Art.


As many artists may know; this can be the bane of your life.

Not any more.

Ever heard of Alchemy?

So were going to voodoo you into a trance where you communicate with Picasso's ghost.

Maybe not. Alchemy is an open source program that can be very helpful if you know how to use it!

Use it to gather inspiration for large art projects on pen, paper or computer!

Today I show you how to create something like the image above (Sci fi helmet) in under 10 minutes!

(This isn't a final piece of art; it just shows you something that you could draw, well unless you are amazing or like that style)

If you found this helpful, confusing, interesting or anything else feel free to leave a comment below!

Step 1: Menu

Ok so the menu is confusing;

The first one, create is what we need, effect we don't.

In create you only need to know two parts, create shapes and pull shapes.

Pull shapes creates random shapes (What we need for inspiration).

Create shapes means we can fix errors with white lines, there is no undo!

Step 2: Design Process

Use pull shapes to create something.

Jut draw with one thing in mind, I knew I wanted a sci-fi head.

You can see after about three pages of scrawling I hit that.

I proceeded to add more random shapes and then fixed with white lines (create shapes) until I had the end product!

It seems to appear very much alike to a helmet in a game I used to play, Blacklight Retribution (volk 34r and gas merged)

Step 3: Photoshop

Once done you can use it to create a fantastic piece of digital art, or use it as its own piece of art.

For the latter you can tidy up random dots and stuff in Photoshop.

Step 4: Done!

Now you have a silhouette (of which most concept art is created from) to do with as you please!

If you enjoyed, struggled, found interesting or found mistakes; be sure to leave a comment below!

In case you were interested the font used was Creative Market's Franchise.

And as always, *cough*-vote! Huh? What?

-Digital Flame

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