Introduction: Concrete Drink Caddy

The inspiration for this project originated from the idea of using concrete's thermal properties to create a beverage cooler. Concrete has low thermal conductivity. So if a beverage cooler were able to be chilled along with the beverages before transporting, the beverage cooler would resist the temperature change and act similarly to an ice pack. Realizing that concrete is not a light material a standard box-style cooler would not be practical, so a beverage caddy style was used instead.

This Instructable will focus on the concrete portion of the caddy and assume you are capable of creating the wooden frame for the caddy. Drawings for the wood frame are attached for reference.


3/4in plywood


concrete mix with no aggregate

mixing cups


cans/mold voids

Step 1: Wooden Frame

Cut and assemble drink caddy frame per “DRINK CADDIE FRAME” drawing (ATTACHED)

Step 2: Stain/Seal Wooden Frame

Stain/paint/finish drink caddy frame to your desired appearance.

Recommended: Oil or polyurethane topcoat to help mitigate water from concrete from soaking into the wood.

Step 3: Prepare Mold Voids

Evenly space 3 LARGE “.99cent ICED TEA” cans on each side of the drink caddy frame and screw or hot glue in place. Cans should measure close to 2.86” in diameter.

Step 4: Prepare Mold Walls

Attach “form walls” to the caddy so that the top of the walls measure 5in. from the top surface of the base.

Step 5: Mixing and Pouring Concrete

Measure out approximately 15 cups of aggregate-free concrete mix (sift out the aggregate if necessary). Add water until a honey/cake batter consistency is achieved. A more runny consistency, than typical concrete, is needed to fill the small spaces without the need for packing. For a more rough appearance, make less runny. Pour mix into form.

Step 6: Remove Form

After 24 hours to set, remove the form walls and cans.

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Shape/round all sharp/flaking edges of concrete with a metal file and clean any surfaces of unwanted concrete overspill.

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