Concrete Leaf Casting - Concrete Mother Mold for Latex Leaf Mold

Introduction: Concrete Leaf Casting - Concrete Mother Mold for Latex Leaf Mold

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Concrete Leaf Casting - Concrete Mother Mold For Latex Leaf Mold.

This video shows how to make a basic concrete mother mold from concrete. The mother mold is simple to make and using inexpensive materials, which consist of cement, sand, nylon fibres, concrete bonder and washing up liquid - basic concrete mix for this particular project.

There are obviously other ways and methods to make these types of mother molds, but in this video, it is shown how to make a relatively inexpensive mother mold for concrete casting or whatever materials one chooses to use.

The mold making process in this video, is the preferred method to the person who is making the mold and of course, there are many ways to make such molds and items. The video shows personal preference based on resources available and is not advocated as the most effective way to do things related to the content.

If anybody has suggestions on how to make these molds which are featured and mother molds in a more efficient and effective way, please let us know.

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