Introduction: Concrete Pineapple Pot for Succulent

Our succulent was in a re-purposed pot. After doing some other work with silicone, I decided to try and mold a fruit-looking concrete pot.


  • Silicone mold mixing
  • A small pot and mixer to mix the silicone in
  • A scale to measure the silicone mixtures
  • A plastic bag to
  • A pineapple or other textured surface to mold
  • Some concrete
  • Another pot/glass to mix the concrete in
  • A bowl & glass to mold the concrete pot in
  • A small cylindrical object to make the hole at the bottom of the pot - I used a tiny bottle cap

Step 1: Mix the Silicone

Use the scale to mix the right quantities of silicone mix (the ration was 1:10 for the silicone I used).

Step 2: Pour the Silicone Into a Plastic Bag

This transfer helps get rid of some air bubbles present in the silicone because of mixing. This also allows you to more easily pour the silicone in small crevasses in your fruit.

Step 3: Pour the Silicone on the Fruit

Work the silicone into the small crevasses of the fruit. Let it dry 24 hours.

Step 4: Line the Bowl With the Silicone

Line the bowl you chose with the silicone, make sure there is a hole for the little cap which will ensure there will be a hole for drainage in the final concrete pot.

Step 5: Fill the Bowl With Concrete

Place the glass into the bowl, which will make sure to maintain the shape of the concrete bowl. Then fill the bowl with concrete. I then added some extra silicone on the top and pushed it in with some putty I had laying around.

Step 6: Unmold and Let Dry a While Longer

Unmold your concrete pot. Chip away extra concrete bits and loose bits carefully. Let dry another 24 hours.

I ended up making two pots. The first came out really short and your couldn't really appreciate the molding because of it so I made another one in a bowl that had much higher sides. The high side pot is depicted here.

Step 7: Optional: Painting

Since I didn't really like the look of the small one, I thought some pineapple-like painting could help. I put some orange, yellow, white, and blue paint on a piece of paper and mixed the colors directly on the concrete. I really like the effect that creates of half mixed colors.

To do so, just take one color on your brush and paint a part of your canvas (here, the concrete pot). Then grab another color with your brush, without rinsing in between, and apply to the same spot, mixing the colors directly on your canvas. Don't hesitate to use a lot of paint for this. You will get a beautiful effect and texture.

Step 8: Pot Your Plant!

For the taller pot, I decided it didn't need painting and that I liked it the way it was. I transferred the dirt and the plant over carefully and TADA! I love the look, both industrial and fruity.

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