Introduction: Condom Curio Cabinet

About: Design/Build Teacher - Laney College / Berkeley High

Any amount of time looking for a condom when you want to use one is a desperate, frenzied moment. Born out of conversation with my sweetheart, I thought it would be nice to have a handy and handsome condom dispenser mounted in a convenient location for love making. To solve this problem, and to avoid having to rifle through my sock drawer ever again, the condom curio was conceived.

Easily removed from a wall with a french cleat for refilling, the condom curio has a front sliding door that releases a condom into it's sloped collection tray for hassle free contraception. Built as a tiny cabinet, it also reclaims condom storage from that which is hidden and thus hard to find, to that which is celebrated, and placed prominently.

Tools Needed

chop saw

table saw


Materials Needed

1/4" thick hardwood or plywood



tung oil

Step 1: Carcass Construction

Start with 4 pieces of either plywood or milled hardwood 1/4" thick, 3" wide and at least 9" long.

In this case, I chose to use poplar for the sides as well as the back and a piece of cherry for the front.

Step 2: Set Angle

Set chop saw to 15 degrees.

Step 3: Cut

Cut 15 degree angle on two side pieces.

Step 4: Cut Miters Along Edges

Taking all four pieces to the table saw, cut a 45 degree miter on each edge while cutting off the minimum amount of material.

Step 5: Dado for Front Door

On the two side pieces, cut a dado the thickness of one blade kerf 1/4" from the front edge

Step 6: Glue Up Carcass

Spread glue on the mitered edges of the sides and the back and glue together as a box, using blue painter's tape pulled tightly as a clamp. DO NOT spread glue on the front panel, as it will only be included in this glue-up as a spacer to keep the carcass square.

Step 7: Font Door Slide

For the front door, add a piece of 1/8" material and glue to the backside of front door to act as door slide. Spring clamps work well for this.

Step 8: Cut Ends

Once the glue is dry, take the whole carcass up to the chop saw and cut 15 degrees on one end and square on the other end, with an overall length of 8 1/2".

Step 9: Add Lid

Make a square lid with a rabet on 3 sides so that it can be press fit and glued to the top of the carcass which is cut at 90 degrees.

Step 10: Add Bottom

Make a bottom piece 6 1/2" long with rabets on all sides and glue to the bottom which is beveled at 15 degrees.

Step 11: Cut Trim

To fill in the rest of the rabet on the bottom and to act as a stop for the condom, add small pieces of trim to the bottom panel. Be sure to notch the front door so it fits around the trim.

Step 12: Install Cleat

To hang on the wall but still be able to take off easily to refill, add a french cleat in the back, and a corresponding cleat on your wall, or wherever you's like to put the curio.

Step 13: Apply Finish - Make Love!

I like to use a tung oil for finishing hardwood, but you can use anything you wish. After the finish is dry, you're ready for love!