Introduction: Connect Linkit One to Ubidots for IoT

IoT is the USP of this board. In this instructable, I'm going to gather readings of temperature and Altitude from MS5607 sensor and upload it to the ubidots site and see how it can be used to in the world of internet

Step 1: Prerequisites

1. You'll need a WIFI router with internet connection. In case you don't have a router, you can even using mobile hotspot with active data connection

2. You will need a IoT service provider. I am using ubidots. Please go to the website an sign up for a free account

Step 2: Connections

We need to connect the sensor to the board.

For that we do the following connections:
Vin -> 3V3

Also, we connect the WIFI antenna to the board because we will be uploading the data to the internet

Step 3: Ubidots Configuration

Once you log in to your ubidots account, you'll need to create a new source

I have created a new source linkit with 2 normal variables - Temperature, Altitude

Now once the variables are created, click on the small i in the corner of each variable and note down the variable IDs

Also, go to your profile and click on a new short term token. A new token will be created. Take a note of token id as well

You are now good to go to the coding step

Step 4: Code

I have uploaded my code. But firstly you'll need to add Intersema.h header file in your librarias

Now you will have to replace the token id and the 2 variable Ids in the code

Also you will have to replace the SSID and password of your WIFI in the code

Step 5: Compile, Run, Output

If everything goes well, you will receive the data in real time at ubidots like in the picture

You can now use this data to plot graphs, perform analysis, or further processing as you wish