Introduction: Constantin R - Design Casting

My Design casting process

Step 1: First Piece

At first I created a sketch of what my product would look like. This was my first design and using a net I found online to create my shapes. I traced it onto cardboard and then cut it out. These were my 2 pieces which I could then turn into my inner core and outer mold

Step 2:

My next step was doing the same things but on a different material.

Step 3:

I did the same thing with my inner core

Step 4:

I created my plaster and used my outer and inner core. This was the end result of my prototype and it wasn't that useful because it didnt have enough space and wasn't deep enough

Step 5:

I changed my inner core to a square because it would be more useful and create more space for me to use

Step 6:

I recreated my outer mold

Step 7:

This was my final product and it was a lot more efficient then my first one. This is because it had more space and better use of the material.