Contemporary Pumpkin Carving




Introduction: Contemporary Pumpkin Carving

Want to outdo your friends and families boring old pumpkin carvings? Do you just hate Halloween in general and want to be a buzzkill or want to show you have artistic taste? Or are you questioning the true meaning of Halloween? Well, In the spirit of all that, Here's the pumpkin carving for you. It takes a bit of time and no attention to detail, a sharp knife, and coffee stirs/long toothpicks.

Step 1: Hollow It Out

Standard, keep it relatively small and remember to slant the top. No need to cut a notch as the design is quite open topped for all you candle users. Save your seed to bake/eat?

Step 2: Cut Rings

Cut evenly size rings (y-axis) all the way down the pumpkin, essentially deconstructing it step-by-step.

Step 3: Arrange

Once are done, it should look like pictured above. This takes a bit more work here, so here's a step by step:

1. Start alternating the layers as seen in picture two.

2. Take all layers off, and work your way up, by beginning to tilt upwards at the outermost point and alternating greater amounts at each layer. Secure them in the middle by coffee stirs, and hold your slices up by coffee stirs as pictured above. Try to keep somewhat discreet, though the intent is just to have cool lighting.

The main objectives here are to:

-reach further and further out each layer, like and upside down pyramid.

-begin tilting with each layer, creating bigger and bigger gaps.

Step 4: Enjoy Your Sophisticated Art Masterpiece

Light it up and Enjoy! Comment to your friends the quality and meaning behind your art, and present it as work going to be showcased in the MoMA. Happy Halloween!

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