Introduction: Control Stepper Motor From DVD/ CD Drive With Joystick

Stepper motors are mine favorite toy to play with. Regular DC motors are great, but if you need a precise rotation or movement you need stepper motor. Larger stepper motors can be expensive and hard to find but for a small project you Cal always find it in old broken electronic stuff. CD or DVD drives are great place to find one.

In this instructable I will try to show you how so use stepper motor from DVD burner with joystick and Arduino. So you will be able to use it in the future for your projects.

Please check my video, I recorded the whole project so you can see how it works.

Step 1: Parts We Need


First, we will need old CD drive and extract from it component that is on the picture. Check video to see how commponents looks.

Stepper motor has 4 small leads and you will need to solder the four wires to it.

Easy driver

You will also need an easy driver. It is a very cheap driver for stepper motors that you can buy on ebay. maybe is little confusing at the start, but for this simple project we don't connect all pins on the driver.

We will only conect our motor to driver (A and B) , STEP part on driver needs to be connected to Arduino board. And PWR IN need to be connected to seperate power supply . You can use any 4.5-10 V power supply but dont power this driver directly from arduino.

Joystick module for arduino

You will also need Arduino board, breadboard, jumperwires. Move to next step to see connections.

Step 2: Connect and Upload Code

Use schematic from picture to connect your parts!

Now is time to download and upload code to your arduino board:


That is it, have fum :)

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