Introduction: Converting Old Nitro Car to Electric

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I have converted with a "Chinese" nitro buggy (1/10 scale) into an electrical powered rally car.
The first thing is to disassemble the nitro engine, brakes, exhaust pipe, throttle servo and nitro tank:

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Step 1: Mounting Bracket

The motor mounting adapter can be bought from ebay or aliexpress. It's very cheap.

Step 2: Bracket Is Fitted With Screws and Nuts

bracket is fitted with screws and nuts.

Step 3: Adjustment Slots:

Step 4: Brushed Motor

This motor (Graupner 600, 550 size) can operate at 2S or 3S Lipo:

Step 5: ESC, Receiver and Battery

Brushed Esc, 2.4Ghz receiver and 3s battery.

Step 6: ESC, Receiver and Battery

Top view

Step 7: Battery

The battery is fastened with "velcro":

Step 8: Mounting Posts

I also changed the body (Citroen ZX rally) and adapted the mounting posts with aluminum profiles.

Step 9: Fitting the Rear Mounting Posts

Step 10: Fitting the Front Mounting Posts

Step 11: The Car Has Two Bodies

Step 12: The Car Has Two Bodies

Step 13: Citroen ZX Rally Body

Citroen ZX rally body (Panda-Thunder Tiger)

Step 14: Citroen ZX Rally Body

Step 15: Video: Testing the Car --- Https://