Cookie Scrabble!

Introduction: Cookie Scrabble!

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A while back, my friends and I decided a game of scrabble using cookies as tiles would be a great idea.

We were right.

This is a game to be played with a few friends and definitely takes some planning, but it was definitely worth it. Cookie scrabble is a really great way to entertain lots of people or catch up with a few friends at a time.

If you're not looking to make as many cookies as cookie scrabble, you could always change the game to cookie hang-man, but go big or go home!

Step 1: Your Materials

Get your oven preheated and your friends ready to help! Here is what you need to get started:

1. At least 100 cookies. They don't need to be large, make them 2" diameter or less. I used cookie mix to expedite the process and had 8 packages of cookie mix based on how many cookies the package estimated making.

If you are feeling ambitious, feel free to make your own cookies!

2. A lot of frosting (I used 2 tubs)

3. A ziplock bag, a piping bag, or a frosting pen

4. A trifold poster board

5. Lots of pens and markers for decorating the board

6. A ruler or other straight edge

7. Scrabble tiles

If you do not own scrabble and want to play, use print out pictures of the scrabble tiles.

Step 2: Make the Cookies

Like I said, you need to make at least 100 cookies. I used different varieties of cookies because as much as I would love to each oatmeal raisin cookies for days, it's nice to have some variety.

To make the cookies, follow the instructions on the package or follow your own recipe.

As the cookies came out of the oven, we let them cool before getting to work.

If your cookies are going to be bigger than 2", you might need to trim them down to size. Our cookies came out rather larger so we created a little template out of a napkin of a 2"x2" square (our plan for the board), and cut the edges off the cookies so they fit specification.

So much math all for cookies. But the plus side of trimming your cookies is you have a plate of cookie edges for snacking!

Step 3: Frost the Cookies

Fill your ziplock bag/piping bag/frosting pen with your frosting. If you are wanting to color your frosting, put a few drops of food dye in your frosting and mix it around a bit.

I used a frosting pen which was not any easier than a ziplock bag. This process is just a test of patience, but you can do it!

A list of how many tiles of each letter can be found here--

Step 4: Draft Your Scrabble Board

Take your trifold and cut off out fold, you don't need it.

On a clean side, draw out a grid that is 30"x30". Divide this grid up into squares of 2"x2".

Now using a scrabble board image for reference, mark where the special tiles on the board are. It may look like a lot of things, but it just repeats the same patterns for scores

Step 5: Play and Eat!

The board and cookies are done and it's game time!

We didn't have the room to write numbers at the bottom of the cookies so this is where the real scrabble tiles come in handy. You can't reach into a bag and pull out frosted cookies too easily, so we grabbed normal tiles to see our letters and when we were ready to play a word, we changed out our tiles for cookies and noted out score for that word on the side of the board.

Try your hardest not to eat the cookies along the way, and if you do snack on the "S" tile, just put down the physical tile down instead! And when you're done with the game, enjoy the cookies with your friends!

I hope you had fun playing and let me know if you had fun with this project! Drop a comment if you have any questions or other cookie based games!

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    4 years ago

    This looks like so much fun!