Cooking Basic Pancakes – With Sour Cherry, Bitter Cherry and Nutella

Introduction: Cooking Basic Pancakes – With Sour Cherry, Bitter Cherry and Nutella

I love pancakes. It’s my favorite
desert and it’s very easy to make. This type of pancakes I’ve eaten since I was 5-6 years old, living at the country, at grandparents. Back there it was very common the make prune jam.

Step 1: ​ Gather the Ingredients

For this recipe you will need a few ingredients:

1 teaspoon of salt

2 eggs

Milk or Mineral Water (carbonated water will make more puffy pancakes) – I used milk



Optional: Vanilla or rum extract.

Step 2: Mix It

Crack the 2 eggs in a mixing bowl and mix. I used the manual mixer as it works my forearms.

Add the flour slowly and mix all the time. It’s important not to add to much flower once as it will create a lumpy mix. Read more here:

You can add flower and mix until the dough becomes similar to a sauce. Not to thick but not that liquid. If it’s to liquid, add more flour and mix. If it’s too thick, like a bread dough, add more milk.

Step 3: Proceed to the Stove

In a Teflon pan, add 2 spoons of sun-flower oil and warm it up. You don’t need that much oil to bake the pancake, so after the pan is oiled, put the rest in a cup. Don’t throw it away, you will need it back in the pan every time you make a pancake.

After you pour out the oil, take a small ladle and pour the dough in your pan. With the pan in your hands, use the gravity to spread the dough evenly.

Note: The first pancake will not be perfect, but it will be a guideline on how to make the others. Mine was too thin so I added more dough for the others. I also rolled my stove at about medium to high.

With a palette reach under the pancake and see if It’s time to flip it on the other side. Also shake the pan a bit so pancake will un-stick. I like mines a bit burned but too burn it will over cook on the other side and you will have to throw it away.

When it’s time to flip on the other side, take the pan off the stove and flip the pancake. It’s very hard to explain in words and don’t worry if you won’t get it right the first time. You can also use two spatulas.

With practice, you’ll flip it like a pro.

It’s cooked on both sides, put away on a plate, and start over.

The moves are:

-oil in

-oil out

-dough in

-bake one side

-un-stick with spatula

-flip on the other side

-bake and put it on a plate

Step 4: Filling and Rolling

When you’ve finished the dough, it’s time to fill in with Nutella or jam.

Personally, I prefer sour cherry.

Just put 2 tablespoons of jam and spread on one side. Then roll the pancake or just fold it in a triangle.


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