Introduction: Cooking a Half-boiled Egg in a Shoe Box

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This is an instructable of cooking a half-boiled egg in the sun (just for having fun because the weather here lately is full of sunshine and ... so hot!).

Step 1: Items That You'll Need


  1. An egg
  2. A mason jar
  3. A shoe box
  4. Aluminium foil


  1. Scissor
  2. A pair of cooking gloves
  3. A lot of sunshine

Completion Time : 30 minutes

Step 2: The Side Reflectors

    Firstly, I have to cover the inside of the shoe box with the aluminium foil. I have to make sure that I cover the whole inside surface to make this work. The sunlight will reflect inside the box.

    I did it by laying the foil on the right and left inner side of the box. (I cut the foil the same length as the width of the box about 7 inches and cut its in half about 6 inches, one for the right side and the other half for the left side of the box). I left about an inch to fold at the box's rim.

    I make sure to firmly press at the corners of the box with my fingers.

    I finished these sections and I will proceed to cover the whole the bottom in the next step.

    If you have done correctly, then the left and the right side with be neatly covered.

    Step 3: The Base Reflector

    To complete the process, I take another aluminium foil to cover the bottom part of the box and cut about 18 inches in width.

    I nudge the foil firmly at every corner of the box. Then, I pinch the upper foil about an inch to secure on the outer edge of the box.

    Lastly, by visual, I inspect to see whether if the inside of the box is fully covered by the foil or not.

    You can make some adjustment to the lining of the foil later.


    You've just make yourself a mini sun oven... and it's a portable one too!

    If you put the box's lid on, no one will suspected you are carrying a sun-oven.

    Now then, you can move to the next and final phase - THE COOKING IN THE SUN!

    Step 4: The Cooking And... the Waiting

      I place the mason jar's lid at the middle of the box and put the egg on it.

      You can wash the egg first and don't dry it. TIPS: let it wet because the water left on the egg will evaporate and create a steam to cook the egg faster.

      Then, I cover the egg with the jar.

      I let it cook in direct sun light (if the day is really hot and shining) about an hour (the temperature in the jar can reach as high as 160°F).

      After an hour, using a pair of cooking gloves I open the jar (Ouch! It's really hot!).

      Now, crack the egg and you'll have ...

      Oh, boy! It's sure depends on the weather.

      Cracking an egg after the waiting is like opening a mysterious Gashapon (ガシャポン).

      You don't know whether you will have a half-boiled egg or a hard egg

      or worst, still a raw egg :-( ... pray that's doesn't happened to me.


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