Cool Bionicle Figure

Introduction: Cool Bionicle Figure

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Step 1: This Idea Comes From...

muffinman900! He was the first to make a suggestion! (Sorry fasc23 but I didn't really know how to make a proton laser, or if you wanted it big or minifigure size) but anyway thanks muffinman900!

Step 2: Parts Required

Step 3: Building the Body

Step 4: Building the Legs

Step 5: Building the Arms

Step 6: Building the Head

Step 7: Piecing the Parts Together

Step 8: Done!

A special thanks to muffinman900! Here is the bionicle used in a few other bionicle instructables! Feel free to favorite if you liked it and follow if you want more. Feel free to leave any suggestions on what you want me to build next and if your idea is picked (like muffinman's) I will give you credit in my next instructable! Also leave any ideas for a team name for my followers (like pewdiepie and his bros) in the comments. And that's all today guys. I'm out!

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