Introduction: Cool Box From Old Tires

As I had some old tires and don't want to throw them to the trash, I had the idea to reuse them as a cool box for garden parties.


2 old tires

45x45 cm OSB for bottom

5 M10x50 bolts with washers and nuts

2 tubes Polyurethane foam

1 old yoga mat, 10 mm

1 tube spray paint

65x65 cm marine plywood, 10 mm for top table

wood varnish

20 wood screws 3,5x40 mm



2 Flat straps 25x300 mm with 8 M5x30 bolts, washers and nuts

Step 1:

First, I used four 10 mm bolts to connect the two tires together.

Step 2:

For the bottom part, I had some scrap OSB parts. I draw a circle and cut them with a jig saw. Then I screwed both OSB semicircle parts together with a 3 x 3 cm wood. Aftes this, I used 4 cm wood screws to mount the OSB circle to the tire.

Step 3:

Painted the tires in a dark red and cut a 65 x 65 cm plywood plate as a top desk. I glued also a 1 cm thick mat under the plate as insulation.

Step 4:

The same mat was glued on the bottom. For the insulation of the side walls, I used Polyurethane foam, 2 tubes. After drying, the excess part of the foam was cut away.

Step 5:

I made also a mat lining to cover the foam.

Step 6:

The top plate was made of marine plywood to survive weather conditions. I fixed it with a 10 mm bolt, that it is to open to the side.

Step 7:

The top plate is varnished with a waterproof lacquer.

Step 8:

Add a hinge to prevent accidentally opening and carrying straps.

Step 9:

The final: Now I can put some cold beer with cold packs in it and enjoy a long time.