Introduction: Cool Cartoon Avatars Maker

Using a cartoon avatar as profile picture on social network like Facebook and Twitter is fun and interesting way to stay among friends. But how to make a cartoon of yourself? I guess you have tough that the process is hard and need refined skills and talent.

Well, here are instructions from Digital Cartoons, how they make every single cartoon for their costumers:

Step 1: First of All - You'll Need a High Quality Picture Taken in Day Light From Where You Can See the Required Elements (shadows, Eyes, Skins Etc,)

Even photo taken with the new smartphones is enough, 5-8 MP camera would give you the best results.

Step 2: Now We Need a Software Right?

I would recommend using Photoshop. If you don't have bought, simply download FireAlpaca (Open Source program)

Step 3: Drawing the Outline of the Photo

  • Insert your photo into photoshop (File->Open)
  • Use the Pen Tool for the lineart
  • Draw all lines possible ( Use "Stroke Patch", same as Step 4)

Step 4: Insert New Layer Under the LineArt Layer

In this layer simply color the cartoon with basic colors using the PenTool (P)

  • Select the area you want to color with the Pen Tool, right click->Fill Path

Step 5: In the Last Step, Add Shadows and Lights on Your Cartoon

As previously, use the PenTool => Fill Path

That's it. Now you can save your designed avatar picture as PNG format, set as profile picture or have it printed on T-shirts or coffee mags.

If you have trouble with some steps, You can watch this video. I'm sure it will help you. :D

Step 6:

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