Introduction: Cool Desired Color Sunglasses

If you have number glasses then its quite expensive to have more number of this instructable i'm going to make any numbered or even simple glasses turn into colorful sunglasses with lots of can change its color as desired ,with the help of sketch pen or temporary color marker ,this can be use in to make 3d glasses and protect from intense sunlight let's make it

Step 1: Choose Your Desired Color

make sure the sketch pen you use it will be temporary so you could remove color if you not required

with your desired sketch pen start making horizontal lines closer to each other on glasses inside ,completely cover the glasses with color .

give some time to let color spread over the glasses

Step 2: It's Ready to Go

aply same color or u may color different as u like its ready to protect u from intense sunlight

to make 3d glasses color one glass with red color and 2nd one with blue color.

Step 3: Watch Video on It